Medical station (First Aid)

In 2011 my native village, Manéah, in West African Guinea, was hit by a flood. People lost their possessions and in some cases even their lives. A large part of the village’s infrastructure was destroyed as well, including the school.
Rebuilding has begun with the aid of Childfren’s Dreams for Africa, the foundation I started to help the people of my village. Three years after the disaster the new school was opened. For many of the children this meant that they were able to go to school for the first time in three years.There are many children in Manéah: 60% of the population is below 16 years of age.
Our NGO has also started construction of a small hospital for first aid and medical emergencies and acquiring an ambulance to transport patients, if necessary, to the hospital in the capital Conakry, 50 km away. Most Maneans now have to make that trip by foot or, if they have the means, by motorbike taxi, the most comon form of transport in Africa.
Child birth is especially dangerous, with several deaths of mothers and infants in the past year.
Thanks to Children’s Dreams fior Africa there is now hope for the citizens of Manéah. Not just in the areas of education and health care, but also in employment. Both the school and the hospital will offer jobs, not just for teaching and medical staff, but also in maintenance and administration.
A point-by-point overview of the wortk of our NGO:

  1. After three years without a school, the children of Manéah have started their classes again this year. Because we have noticed that children are sometimes too ill to come to school, without sufficient medical care, we have started constructiuon of a small hospital for first aid and emergencies. Ideally, we would also be able to acquire an ambulance to get patients to the hospital in Conakry in serious cases.
  2. All funds gatherd by our NGO go to these goals.
  3. The project is small scale: It is aimed solely at the village of Manéah and its inhabitants.
  4. It is our goal that the people of Manéah take over these projects themselves, eventually. Adult education is therefore an important part of our projects.