The mission of the radio station we want to start in Manéah is showing the reality of life in Europe for most immigrants – far from a paradise – but also the new reality that is evolving in an Africa that is starting to develop economically so that a flight to Europe doesn’t have to be the only way out of poverty.

The hope of a decent future in their own country is of course the best way to demotivate young people from looking for an uncertain future abroad. We hope to offer them that hope with our project.
We will also try and contribute to the fight against radicalisation and criminalisation of young people by giving them clear and true information. We try to create employment and fight poverty: The strongest weapons against radicalisation and criminalisation.
We will try to do that through interviews and reports. Every potential refugee we can prevent from risking their life in an attempt to reach Europe for an existence in uncertainty and poverty, we would consider a success for our mission.
We also want to offer local talent an opportunity to develop.

Our radio project is a consequence of our earlier project, to build a school in Manéah after the old school was destroyed in a flood. Construction of a small hospital for first aid and medical emergencies has als begun. The radio station is in our view a logical next step in the education of the people that offers the only long term solution for the refugee problem.