Vegetables and Fruit Gardens (English)

Who wants to help realize a dream for the children of Manéah and the other people of their village?
After a disastrous flood in 2011 in the village of Manéah, in West African Guinea, the Children’s Dreams for Africa foundation was founded, initially to help rebuild the school that was destroyed in the flood. With the aid of sponsors and volunteers we have managed to build a new school, as of now with three classrooms.
We have discovered since, that many children come to school without breakfast and that half of them complain regularly of bellyache because they are hungry.
We have held talks with the inhabitants and the local authority in Manéah to discuss this problem. The town council has decided to grant a piece of land for the cultivation of vegetables and fruit for local consumption, in particular for the children, to guarantee them at least one healthy meal a day.
The area is forested and needs to be cleared first. We need equipment for that, to begin with, a chainsaw to clear the trees.
We will also need refridgerators to keep the products fresh.
We plan to grow all sorts of products: tomatoes, onions, patatoes, lettuce, carrots and local vegetables. The inhabitants and children who will take care of our garden will get a three month course in cultivating a fruit and vegetable garden.
Unemployment is high in Manéah, as it is all over Africa: 45% of the population is without regular employment. A project like this can help the people to regain a sense of self esteem.
By western standards this project in Manéah is of small scale. But for the local population it means a lot. Unfortunately it lacks the capital to fund it all by themselves. It depends for this on Childfren’s Dreams for Africa. Our foundation is therefore looking for people and businesses who want to contribute, either financially or materially, or with their expertise.